PGP Clean Room Beta


My Google Summer of Code 2018 Project is finally far enough along that I feel that it should have a proper public beta.

PGP Clean Room

This summer I’m working on the PGP Clean Room Live CD project. The goal of this project is to make it easy to create and maintain an offline GPG key. It creates and backs up your GPG key to USB drives which can be stored in a safe place, and exports subkeys for you to use, either via an export USB or a PGP smartcard. It also allows you to sign other people’s keys, revoke your own keys, and change your keys expiration dates. The live system is built on live-build with an added python application (using GPGME to manage keys) and all networking functionality removed.

Testers Wanted

I would love to get some feedback on this build and how it could be improved. You can report bugs via salsa.d.o


Prebuilt ISOs are available here (sig) or on Google Drive (sig)

The source code is available on salsa.d.o


main menu Main Menu

load menu Load Menu

advanced menu Advanced Menu

signing subkey Signing subkey

subkey algorithm Picking subkey algorithm

pick disk Picking a backup disk (in QEMU)