Looking for Summer 2020 Internship


Update: I have an internship! Thanks to all those who reached out!

I’m a junior at William and Mary majoring in Computer Science and Linguistics, currently looking for an internship in software development over the summer. Ideally, I’d like to be in Northern Virginia, though I would look into temporarily relocating for an awesome opportunity.

My current experience includes a lot of time working in a Linux environment programming in Python, C, and a bit of Rust and Go. Specifically, I am interested in being part of a team working on systems programming or back-end web development.

Previous Experience

I participated in Google Summer of Code 2018 with Debian, building a PGP Clean Room Live CD for easy offline GPG key management. This project required collaboration with various open source maintainers in Debian and GnuPG, as well as keeping my mentor regularly informed of my progress. I had to meet a strict schedule of features in order to succeed.


I’ve maintained a few packages in Debian for a while now. I maintain 9wm (a simple X11 window manager based on Plan 9’s rio), sct (an X11 utility to set the screen’s color temperature like f.lux or night shift on iOS), swapspace (a daemon for managing dynamic swap files on Linux).

Please get in touch!

If you know of any opportunities please reach out and I will send you my resume.